Adult Classes (18+)

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Ballet
Unleash your inner ballerina!  Learn the basics of ballet while toning, stretching, and moving to elegant
music.  The perfect fix for the ballet novice or just to get a great workout.

Adult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
For the adult who already knows the basics, this exciting class will expand your stretch, strength, and
understanding of technique.  Speak with one of the directors for placement.

Adult Beginning/Intermediate Tap & Adult Intermediate/Advanced Tap
Always tapping those toes? ...this is your class!  Learn to channel your groove into the methods of tap
dance in this vibrant adult class (prior experience required for Tap II.)

Adult Hip-Hop
Have fun exploring urban, funk, and street jazz styles and moves in an energetic environment!  Get your
groove on!
Motion41 Dance offers an exciting program for individuals 18
and over.  Our Adult classes feature several experience levels,
convenient class times, and a professional atmosphere.  Scroll
down for more information...

Dancers in the Adult Division may wear any combination of dancewear or workout attire that they wish, as
long as they are able to stretch and move freely.  Leotards, tights, sweatpants, fitted t-shirts, tank tops, jazz
pants, and track pants are just a few examples.  For dancers with long hair, it is best if their hair is pulled
back out of the face, including long bangs that extend past the eyebrows.  Some foot wear
recommendations are listed below:

Ballet:    (women) pink ballet slippers
(men) black or white ballet slippers

Tap:  tap oxford

Hip-hop:  any comfortable attire and clean, dry tennis shoes
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